Thursday, May 19, 2011

American Idol's Lauren Alaina Gets Wild with “Wild One” on the Final 3 Showdown

American Idol Season 10's Southern Sweetie Lauren Alaina gets a little wild with “Wild One” by Faith Hill as her 'Personal Choice' song on the Final 3 Showdown. Tonight the Idols will sing three songs each, and the guest celebrity mentor is Beyonce (who, surprise, surprise, has a new album coming out ~ like everyone else on the show!). "I enjoy Lauren mostly when it's something fun, because I feel like it loosens her up," says Beyonce. Beyonce tells Lauren that's she's nervous on stage too, and that she's "created a character for myself when I perform, because in real life, I'm like (she shivers in fear). Right before I go onstage, I tell myself, "I deserve it. I'm strong. I'm a Diva." And I would encourage you to do the same, cuz it works for me."

Lauren struts out on the stage, channeling her inner Diva. She's looking very confident and happy. Lauren looks great from the neck up, neck down...ouch! (Please, please, please!!! Never tuck leggings into big, white plastic-looking boots. The Oompa-Loompa look is NOT attractive!) Lauren owns the stage, interacting with the musicians and having fun. But, "Wild One" is not a great showcase for Lauren's huge vocals. Her voice is so warm and luminous in many songs. The crowd likes it, but none of the three judges applauded Lauren. Jennifer Lopez started the critique with, "Lauren, our little baby. You come out here, and you attack it like that, and that's what you gotta do, cuz at this point everybody's going to come out here and be singing great. So every time we come out, we gotta create a moment. And that's exactly what you gotta do, you gotta attack it like that every single time. That was very good." Randy Jackson said, "I love the advice Beyonce was giving you, about how to psych yourself out when you come out, because that's what it takes. I love seeing you having fun. When we first saw you, with you and Steven singing to each other, that fearlessness, that's the thing you gotta have. I think that was a nice song choice for you. And I could that in your heart you were loving it, and had such a connection with it. Have a good time and have fun. When you let yourself go, you're at your best. Very nice." Steven Tyler purred, "OOOOH Lauren, you were having fun when we met back then, you’re having fun now. I love the way you were singing tonight. You were singing like you owned the song. There was a moment you shined, and it wasn't even the chorus. You’re so ready for this. You’re ready for America to be all over you." (Yuck! The look in his eyes said "I'm so ready to be all over you!" That was....creepy.)

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