Friday, May 20, 2011

American Idol's Lauren Alaina Singing “If I Die Young” on the Top 3 Showdown

American Idol Season 10's Sweet Young Thang Lauren Alaina sings “If I Die Young” by The Band Perry on the Final 3 Showdown.

Lauren's audition plays, and there she is – the confident kid who had the cajones to vocally spar with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Where’d that kid go? Lauren was 6 years old when first started watching Idol. She wants this more than anything. Jimmy Iovine has wanted her to sing this song since he met her. Jimmy says it’s right in her sweet spot. She begins beautifully, with a gorgeous tone, hitting the high notes with a nice rasp. But she gets distracted in the middle and misses the modulation. Another example of why Lauren should have waited a minute or two before trying out. Jlo: You have the most beautiful tone of our finalists. A magical thing. You had an honest moment, you got caught up in yourself, in the honesty. That’s ok. You’re only 16. Randy Jackson: You realized right away – that’s what it’s all about. You’ve got such a beautiful tone. A good song choice from Jimmy. You are in it to win it too. Steven Tyler: I loved it. I heard that turn around. It’s a beautiful song, you’ve got a beautiful voice. You nailed it again. “I missed my key change,” says Lauren. “It’s how you recover,” says Ryan. Mom, from the audience says, “It’s crazy, nerve wracking, and I think I’ve aged 20 years.”




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